Organic Terpene Rich CBD

  • I have only been taking this for a few weeks, my main reason for taking it was to improve my sleep, and I can already notice an improvement, I will be continuing with this, as it is having a positive effect!

  • I have been taking this for about a month now for my arthritic knees and fingers. Its made a huge difference, the joint pain and stiffness has all but gone. Very pleased.

  • My son has been biting his nails and the skin around his fingers for several years because of his anxiety. At times they were so bad he had to wear bandages. Since taking taking CBD oil, one drop a day, he is not biting them quite so much. We can actually see pink healthy skin growing back. It’s quite remarkable!

  • I am amazed at how much CBD oil has helped my pain. Mike is very helpful and knowledgable about his products. I would recommend Medivita to anyone!

  • Purchased this for myself with good results using one drop per day. I also have some for my my nervous dog , again a good result. Excellent customer service .

  • Thank you Mike for the helpful advice and impeccable service you provide. Fantastic all round - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Medivita CBD to anyone.


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MediVita ensure that our premium quality whole plant oils are made accessible to everyone, fully lab tested and meet current UK law with less than 1mg THC per container

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If you are looking to use CBD for the first time you may be interested in the media we have put together. We have articles from the industry and a beginners guide which will answer many of your questions. In addition we have curated some videos from eminient thought leaders through to instructions of how to use CBD oil. If you still have questions unaswered, simply contact us

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