Full Spectrum CBD Oil And Drug Tests

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Full spectrum CBD products contain trace elements of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which are small enough to ensure the products remain within the current guidelines.

THC is very much seen as the ‘bad boy’ amongst the cannabinoid family but when combined with them it provides a full ‘entourage’ effect and gives you the best chance of benefiting from your CBD oil. THC is psychoactive and has been found to be the cause of mental health issues when taken in high strength doses. Yet conversely, the CBD compound is anti-psychotic and works to negate the effect of THC.

Because of the ‘fear’ around THC, many CBD products on the market are advertised as ‘THC FREE’ (broad spectrum), those which are truly Full Spectrum, such as our oils at Medivita , contain traces of THC because we believe this provides you with the best results.

However, we do get asked a lot as to whether this will impair driving, work or even fail a drugs test. With many companies these days carrying out random tests it is a valid question. So we put our oils to the test.

The Test

We bought a saliva test kit from UK Drug Testing it tests for the 7 drugs a Police roadside test does, although we were only interested in the THC result.

About an hour before taking the test I took my normal dose of our highest strength CBD oil (30%), sublingually to ensure the cbd entered my body by the quickest method. I take 3 drops of 30% 3 times a day so if there is going to be any illegal amounts of THC they will show. The test itself takes about 3 minutes, wiping around the teeth, cheeks, gums and then covering in saliva until the sponge becomes completely soaked, before placing in to the test container provided.

The Result


According to UK Drug Testing, the clarity of the line is no indication of ‘maybe’ or ‘some’ if there is a second line the test is negative. We do have to add a caveat to this test, like testing for alcohol, there are a number of factors in play such as gender, size, metabolism, etc. and results will vary from person to person. However, this particular result is comforting for those who have chosen Full Spectrum products from Medivita

MikeFull Spectrum CBD Oil And Drug Tests

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