How It All Started

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It all started with an innocuous Facebook post from an old school friend, claiming, as he always does, ‘It’s all happening in Lincoln’ with a link to a newspaper article regarding a Health Shop. Apparently, this shop was having to move to larger premises because of the sale of CBD products and the article went on to briefly explain the anecdotal benefits, which included pain relief.

At this point I should disclose I had been in chronic pain with my sacro illiac joint for some 10 years. In that period I had been to see osteopaths, cranial osteopaths, had acupuncture and of course taken over the counter pain relievers. None of which had a lasting effect and I got to the point where I was asking youngsters if they could obtain ‘special’ brownies to see if they would make a difference, I have never been a drug user and being naive wouldn’t even know where to go.

Therefore, this article was interesting, I was on a break so had time to do some research and go down an inordinate amount of Google wormholes trying to understand what cbd did, why there were different strengths, what was a dose and then the terminology; hemp, cannabis, marijuana, full spectrum, isolate ……………. and on and on. If you have done your own research you will know what I mean.

From all this research I understood the product had to be full spectrum, made from the whole plant and be reasonably strong as it was for pain relief and I am a large guy. Like a dog diving into a pool, I took the plunge! I went for a 10% strength sold via Amazon (so had to be good, right?) Still feeling very sceptical and that I had just wasted £40, did I mention the cost? CBD oil is not cheap.


Delivery was ‘next day’ which was also the last day of our break, we travelled back home and unpacked and it wasn’t long before the omni present white van pulled up and delivered ‘the goods’. I was still seeing this as a slightly seedy operation.

The envelope was ripped open and there was a little kraft paper coloured box with the name of the supplier on the side and a guide to start with one drop three times a day under the tongue, hold for 30 seconds then swallow. Seemed simple enough, but there was still a nagging doubt about how effective it would be and that I would probably be one of the few it doesn’t work for.

Inside the box was a little brown bottle with a pipette screw lid all nice and shiny, little did I know then that this was the point of no return. With the lid unscrewed and the glass dropper fully loaded I rolled back my tongue and dropped what felt like two drops. Yes, I know it said one, but I am a male and always know best! It was at this point I realised it would have been better to do it in front of the mirror, in order to see the dosage for myself – first lesson.

There were no flashing lights or pink elephants or even any dizziness. I went back to my laptop to continue working with all faculties in place and able to hold a conversation with my partner. Everything was just…….normal. I hadn’t blacked out, or vomited, (although the taste is like chewing a dandelion), or started laughing uncontrollably. But very slowly after 25/30 minutes I began to notice the pain in my back had diminished to almost nothing, achieving more than any ibuprofen or codeine tablets had ever done. I was able to move without thought, my whole pelvic area felt free/loose.

My journey had begun.

MikeHow It All Started

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