We often hear people say they have tried a CBD product that didn’t work and as result they think all CBD doesn’t work. Not all CBD is the same, it can range from just the isolated cannabinoid CBD, through varying ‘broad spectrums’ which have no THC to ‘full spectrum’ products, it all comes down to product knowledge. So here are 4 guidelines to follow when purchasing CBD.

1: Production Method.

High quality CBD products that will work are only made by supercritical CO2 extraction or sometimes alcohol extraction. These methods ensure that the full range of pytocannabinoids survive the extraction process. The resin extract is then added to hemp oil as a carrier.

 CBD isolation extraction method removes only 1 cannabinoid which is then added to other sometimes ingredients and is dramatically less effective, for most people, than a full spectrum product. These products have turned many away from CBD thinking that it’s a scam, when the reality is they have not bought the product most suited to them. Phytocannabinoids work best in conjunction with other phytocannabinoids and terpenes to produce an effect in the mammalian body, known as the entourage effect. This is why you are most likely to receive benefit from a ‘full spectrum’ oil rather than a THC free or isolate product.

2: Growing Hemp. 

All hemp plants including the sativa variety are what is known as hyperaccumulator’s. This means that they freely absorb elements from the environment in which they are grown. So if the plants from which the oil is produced were grown in a rich soil, then the quality of the mature plant will be good also. If the plants were grown in poor soil which may contain heavy metals, pesticides or other toxins, then the plant will contain those toxins also. 

3: THC content is a great indicator of Quality.

Any product which states “THC Free” is likely produced from isolate and may not bring the desired benefits. Delta 9 THC is the most beneficial pytocannabinoid which works in conjunction with the full range of cannabinoids to heal the body. A small quantity of THC along with all the other cannabinoids is a good way to spot a CBD product that works. THC content is deciphered by which species of plant is used to make the extract. There are thousands of varieties of hemp plants which have been specifically bred to achieve high or low levels of THC and CBD. A ‘full spectrum’ product will always contain a level of THC. 

4: The Price and The Label

Price is a determining factor for many when choosing a CBD product.  However, it is important to always read the label carefully and the ingredients, look for a “full spectrum” or “whole plant” label.

However, this is where confusion can occur, many products claim to be the above but then claim to be ‘THC Free’, this is the giveaway to them NOT being ‘full spectrum’. A good quality product can best be determined by it’s ingredients. From my own experience of using CBD oil since Octonber 2018 a product which is below 10% concentration is usually too weak to have a noticeable immediate effect for adults. Good quality CBD oilhas two ingredients; hemp extract (not isolate) and a carrier oil to which the extract is added, hemp and olive oil are the most common carriers used.

The Medivita Way.

We personally research, thoroughly, all the products we sell. Its important for us to know that our customers are going to get the benefits that they want by using a high quality, 100% natural, organic product. We test them ourselves and with people who have been using CBD products for a while. By doing this we can trust our own range of full spectrum, 100% organic CBD products.

As well as being kind to your body we want to be kind to your wallet, we aim to bring you top quality 100% natural, organic products at an affordable price.

Whether you decide to buy from us or not we will be more than happy to answer any product query to make sure you buy one which is suitable for you.

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