Sleep, Insomnia and CBD

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There is a lot of press surrounding sleep at the moment, whether it is the dreams people are having during lockdown or the lack of it because of stress and anxiety. Watching the One Show the other night I was also alerted to a new ‘Sleep Census’ being conducted by Dr Michael Mosley for a Horizon program later this year. (If you decide to take the census just be aware it takes around 20 minutes). 

Whilst my personal sleep pattern has never been a concern for me and was certainly not the primary reason for starting to take CBD, I have found the quality of sleep has significantly improved. On the Census scale I would have scored around a 6 previously but when I completed it just now, the score was 8.9. 

sleep census and insomnia

It wasn’t as dramatic a change as the pain relief was, this was a gradual process which went virtually unnoticed, almost imperceptible. One day, a few months in, I just realised I had fallen into a regular pattern of going to bed, falling asleep within 15 minutes, sleeping for 6 ½  hours and waking in the same position I had fallen asleep in. No other aids are involved and I even use my mobile immediately before falling asleep. 

A growing body of research has found that CBD can have a positive effect on sleep, both by aiding relaxation and also by stimulating CBD receptors in the part of the brain responsible for maintaining sleep cycles. There is also a new study looking into the effect of THC and CBD on chronic insomnia, the researchers commented, “previous studies have appeared to show a positive effect of CBD on sleep, and, while further research such as the above is needed, there is certainly an appetite amongst consumers for a natural, effective sleep aid.”

How does it work? If you have read anything about CBD you will know we all have an endocannabinoid system which works in conjunction with the central nervous and immune systems. The receptors (CB1 and CB2) can be found throughout the body within these systems. As alluded to above CBD stimulates the central nervous system receptors and helps us to not only de-stress, relax but also kick start our sleep cycle. 

sleep insomnia and cbd

It is not a quick fix, too many expect to take CBD and have instant rectification of their sleep. Just remember you have been experiencing a poor sleep pattern over a period of time, months sometimes years, so it is going to take time to gradually turn that around. Your CBD regime also needs to be daily and not turned on and off like a tap. Like most things in life, you have to stick to your plan even if the waypoints are small gains. In my experience small gains on top of each other add up to a sustainable and significant result. 

If you are suffering with sleep and/or score 5 or under on the Sleep Census, just consider changing your life with a natural supplement and patience. Talk to us at Medivita (Certified CBD Industry Professionals) and let’s get you started on a road to nights and nights of better sleep. 

MikeSleep, Insomnia and CBD

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